Name: Carol 
Job @ A Placid Life: Brand Ambassador
Education: BA in Liberal Arts, History
Things I am Proud of: My family who are; sons Mark and Dan, daughters Sarah and Christine (and of course also Shana & Steph) and our two cats Luna (the attack cat) and mellow Simon (sorry Christine, he’s ours now!) I am especially proud of my hard working, very smart, creative and sporty husband, David. 
Things I like to do: Work at A Placid Life (I’ve got to be one of the top ten customers - I love this stuff!!) and work as a teacher assistant at Saranac Lake Middle School (dontcha just love adolescents? They’re

A Placid Life is what's called a Life is good® Genuine Neighborhood Shoppe.

Genuine Neighborhood Shoppes (GNS) are a special breed of independently owned retail stores owned by people who love and live the brand, and feel so strongly about the messages it carries that their stores are solely dedicated to the Life is good® brand.

Each GNS carries an extensive assortment of both in-line and exclusive Life is good merchandise that you can't find anywhere else, including the signature Life is good® AT HOME collection of home furnishings. All of our fixtures can actually be purchased for your home.

GNS owners are committed to not only providing you with a complete Life is good shopping experience, but also to spreading optimism every day and helping kids in need.

Name: Jake
Breed: Wire Hair Fox Terrier (but I’m mostly human)
Job @ A Placid Life: CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) – The BIG Boss – They ALL work for me.
Favorite Snack: Edamame in the pod with a little bit of sea salt
Best Pals: Callie (my mentor), Olive (my pesky pal), Andrew (my human cousin), and of course, Roxie (my baby sister)

Name: Roxie
Breed: Wire Hair Fox Terrier
Job @ A Placid Life: Marketing Intern – Second in command... sometimes...
Favorite Snack: Anything yummy. I like baby carrots and anything you have in your mouth.
Best Pals: Jake is the center of my universe. I like my Schnauzer cousin Billy, and really like all of my human cousins.
Hobbies: Shoplifting (my people pay for my stuff, it's ok), carrying people's things around the house (the bigger the better), going into the deepest snow I can find, swimming (I blow bubbles underwater), getting dirty (as you can see from my picture) usually by digging, playing ball, getting into mischief of any kind really.

Name: Debbie
Job @ A Placid Life: CFO (Chief Fun Owner) and Bean Counter
Favorite Vacation Spot: Key West, FL & Italy (all of it)
Favorite Food: Anything Italian
Hometown: I’m a Jersey Girl, Born in the Bronx – Love those Yankees no matter what!
Education: I rooted for the “Street Smarts” team on the Apprentice
Favorite LIG Icons: Dog Gone & Lean on Me

Name: Melissa
Job @ A Placid Life: COO (Chief Optimistic Owner) and “the Glue” holding everything together
2nd Best Job Ever (above is the bestest): Waterfront Director at Camp Hollis in Oswego, NY
Favorite Life is good icons: Camp Dog, Dog Gone Beetle (I have both Winter and Summer!), Beach Run
What Makes Me Most Proud: Running the Kona Marathon for the American Stroke Association, Walking 60 Miles in the Breast Cancer 3-Day (I’m doing it AGAIN in October!), Being an Auntie to 9 nieces and nephews, and having 3 great businesses that are run with the help of a GREAT team!

Name: Andrea...but you can call me Andi. My loved ones also call me AK, sissy, (and stubborn)

What makes me most proud: I was part of a Habitat for Humanity home build one year during college Spring Break (somewhere in Caribbean for us). Closer to my heart, however, is my support for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Relay for Life. I’ve participated in several Relays, but this year I’ve formed a team with my mother, a breast cancer survivor (GO MOM!) and other members of my family whom I love and adore. We’ll have to drink a lot of coffee though because it’s an overnight relay! Wish us Luck!

Education: B.S. in Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies (I know it's a mouthful), with a minor

Hobbies: Taking it all in from my store windows, Running routes, Hanging at the Dog Park, Snuggling (don’t tell the other guys), Watching Animal Planet on TV, and playing "Snow Mountain Doggie" through the winter!
Favorite Life is good products: My collars – I have 8 now - and my Life is good bed in the window.

Favorite products we carry: Darwin the squeaky frog, Jake Placid Doghouse Logo Balls, Simply Fido organic cotton puppy, and well, anything I can carry around in my mouth. Oh and I LOVE my Pet Top water bottle topper. It lets any water bottle become MY water bottle!
Notable about me: I have less color than my brother and a more wirey coat. I was born in Canada and rooted for them in the Olympics, even though I love my American home. My folks think that because I have one ear up and one ear down, black on only one side, tan on only one side of my face, that maybe I also have one angel wing and one little devil horn to keep me balanced.

What Makes Me Most Proud: Owning A Placid Life, Walking 60 miles in the Breast Cancer 3-Day (TWICE already, and soon to be a 3rd time! Please DONATE!)
Hobbies: Sudoku (in pen!), watching educational TV, kayaking, home (and store) improvement
Why Life is good: Family, Friends and spending time with Jake and Roxie

Education: BA in Public Relations from SUNY at Oswego, MA in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University – but I like to think I’ve learned the most important things in life from the people and dogs in my life.

in Baking, from Paul Smith's College of Arts and Sciences...just down the road.

Favorite Food: Food is my favorite food! I love American, Italian, Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & of course Dessert (I minored in Baking for a reason!). It would be easier if I made a list of foods I don't like....hmm...Seafood, Greek, & stinky cheese. My favorite beverage is easy though. Tea! Iced, pipin' hot, or lukewarm it doesn't matter.

Things I Like to Do: I'm pretty much an even mixture of old lady and tomboy. I love to sit in my rocking chair drinking hot tea and doing crosswords (or sudoku). However, I also love to be in the woods hiking, in the water fishing, in the trees climbing, or on the farm herding cattle.

Favorite Season: Spring for the blossoming of flowers; Summer for the Sunshine and fishing; Fall for it's amazing colors, caramel apples, and mulled cider; Winter because snow is...well, beautiful!

so alive and interesting!), traveling, kayaking, gentle bike riding and, petting and visiting with Jake and all his other doggie pals, and shopping (especially at A Placid Life).
Favorite people: My super smart and very cute grandson, Silas, my beautiful granddaughter Lydia Hazel, all my family, the whole team here at A Placid Life (this place rocks!) and I also love the whole staff at Saranac Lake Middle School (I love both jobs!)
Favorite LIG Icons: Rocket with the flower on Lake, but I'm also partial to shadow blue and I love the guitar design. And I love the Adk Chair, but not with the pink chair. It's too hard to decide! Cruisin' is also great - I love Rocket!!

A Placid Life ● 2413 Main Street ● Lake Placid, NY 12946 ● 518.523.6487 ●

Name: Emily

I live with: My husband – Ryan, and our dog (a German shorthaired-pointer puppy) – Django.
Why I live in the ADKs: This is a short version of my favorite love story and it just happens to be mine… I was living in Brooklyn and in need of a refresher on some backcountry hard skills. So I took a map and compass course at the Adirondack Loj (Heart Lake actually) and the teacher turned into my husband!  
What I do for a living: I breathe.

Why Life is good: I am following my dream of becoming a nurse. I have the most wonderful husband and life partner I could imagine. My puppy is learning to behave. We have a roof over our heads and are healthy. Life is good because the sun rises every day, and I choose to live my life from a place of power, by taking  responsibility, by being accountable and most definitely – by choosing bliss.

Our hours change seasonally, so Jake suggests that you call ahead, just in case!


Monday          10 - 6

Tuesday         CLOSED

Wednesday    CLOSED

Thursday       10 - 6

Friday            10 - 6

Saturday       10 - 8

Sunday          10 - 6

Name: Trish

Education: I have a 4yr Biochem degree from SUNY Potsdam and am currently in my last semester of the RN program at North Country Community College.

Job Description: I’m a "multifunction" worker. I’m a nurse looking to stay grounded by surrounding myself with things that make me happy. At A Placid Life I help spread good vibes. At Jake placid Doghouse I accommodate even the most picky of pooches & felines.

Children: Keiko, my 2 year old Japanese Chin. sshh...dont tell her she’s not human.

Favorite life is good saying: Optimism can take you anywhere

Ambitions: To complete the ADK 46. i have 1 left

Favorite Food: Sushi, although I have been know to snack on Sojo’s. Keiko's vote is for the Sojo’s!